Talk Is Cheap

I have a 23' open fisherman with a flip-up tower, and we post a lookout in the tower to watch for birds, flotsam or rips while fishing. The problem is, it is very hard to hear or understand what the lookout is saying while we're underway. If he has to turn and lean down to the helm station to tell us what he sees, he often loses sight of what he saw and has to "reacquire the target." I thought of this simple and cheap solution while watching my pool cleaner. I took a section of flexible pool-cleaner hose long enough to reach from the tower to the cockpit, and used wire-ties to attach it to the T-top frame and the tower railing. The lookout speaks into the top end and the helmsman listens at the bottom end - it's like talking to someone at the dinner table. Now he can watch the birds and I can watch the course without having to turn our heads and yell at each other, even at full throttle. - Ray Kilpatrick, Miami, Florida- Adam Green, Margate City, New Jersey