New Tackle for 2022

Highlights of the best new tackle for the 2022 fishing season.

October 1, 2021
Popper being pulled through the water
The 2021 ICAST show was stocked with the latest in fishing tackle. Jon Whittle

ICAST 2021, the greatest show on Earth for anglers, convened in Orlando, Florida, in July, with manufacturers offering an unprecedented level of innovation in both design and the materials of rods, reels, lines and lures.

Here are some highlights you can expect in the coming season.


Yo-Zuri 3D Popper fishing lure
Yo-Zuri 3D Poppers Jon Whittle

The 3D Inshore Poppers, with Yo-Zuri’s patented 3D prism and internal painted finishes that won’t chip or wear off, now include the 1411, a 3-inch, 7/8-ounce model, and the 1412 measuring 4 inches and weighing 15/8 ounces. The lures feature tough ABS resin construction, an extra-wide mouth to push more water, an arrow shape and rear weighting for long casts, and 3X treble hooks. Available in 14 proven patterns. Starting at $8.99;

Fishlab Bio-Flyer lure for fishing
Fishlab Bio-Flyer Jon Whittle

The Bio-Flyer winged bait harness from Fishlab, inspired by West Coast bluefin tuna techniques, provides a convenient and economical alternative for anglers pursuing offshore species with flying-fish baits. Designed to fit any 10- to 12-inch bait, such as dead or live mackerel, the through-body-harness pin keeps the mylar wings outspread for lifelike flying-fish appeal. Available in black and clear. $12.99;

Berkley Choppo saltwater lure
Berkley Choppo Jon Whittle

Balanced to swim straight at a variety of speeds, Berkley’s Choppo Saltwater lure delivers explosive topwater action thanks to a durable cupped propeller tail, formulated to stand up to the heat and produce maximum surface disturbance. Heavy-duty stainless-steel split rings and 3X Fusion19 hooks offer enhanced holding power. Available in 10 colors in either a 3/4-ounce model with No. 2 trebles or a 1-ounce model with No. 1 trebles. $12.99;

Rapala Skitter Walk lure
Rapala Skitter Walk Jon Whittle

Rapala’s Skitter Walk comes in four new patterns, with three that mimic popular bait species: mullet, pilchards and pinfish. The fourth—Holographic Bone—is iridescent white with a black spot. Skitter Walks feature holographic eyes and weighted tails to keep them swimming naturally. The No. 8 size (3 1/8 inches, 7/16 ounce) comes with VMC black-nickel hooks; the No. 11 (4 3/8 inches, 5/8 ounce) has Permasteel hooks. $11.29;

Daiwa Steez Minnow saltwater lure
Daiwa Steez Minnow Jon Whittle

At 5 1/4 inches and weighing 4/7 ounce, the Steez Custom HMKL Minnow from Daiwa offers a lean, universal forage-fish profile in a jerkbait, with a carbon-fiber lip that produces enticing action and consistently precise presentations cast after cast. A silent magnetic weight-transfer system utilizes small tungsten weights for longer casts and to balance the bait on the retrieve. Available in six colors. $25.99;

Z-Man HerculeZ soft plastic lure
Z-Man HerculeZ Jon Whittle

Detailed sculpting, 3D eyes and a paddle tail give the HerculeZ swimbaits natural appearance and action. Tough ElaZtech material guarantees durability, and Mustad UltraPoint hooks hold up to tough gamefish. Molded around zinc weights, the HerculeZ casts far and sinks at an optimal rate for a variety of presentations. A ventral eyelet allows adding a belly hook. Available in 4-inch, 3/8-ounce and 5-inch, 5/8-ounce models in various color patterns. $9.99;


G.Loomis Flats Fly Rod from ICAST
G.Loomis Flats Fly Rod Jon Whittle

The NRX+ T2S rods from G.Loomis provide peak performance under challenging fly-casting conditions. Mega Modulus+ graphite and GL8 resin, in a compound taper, marry crisp action with smooth, rapid recovery. The two-piece, 8-foot- 10-inch blanks—86-inch tip section, 22-inch butt—offer portability and one-piece rod performance. The -series includes five fly rods, from 8- to 12-weight, all featuring a full Wells cork grip, custom aluminum reel seat, and matte-black finish. $895;

Okuma Silver Slayer Rods fishing rods at ICAST
Okuma Silver Slayer Rods Jon Whittle

Okuma’s Silver Slayer spinning rods, designed for tarpon, use UFR11 tip technology, blending unidirectional fiber over 24-ton carbon to boost power without sacrificing sensitivity. Four models feature Fuji K-Concept guides to reduce line tangles and twist, SeaGuide double-locking Alien reel seats and Fuji gimbals. Available in 7 feet and 7 feet, 9 inches, each in Heavy and X-Heavy actions. $179.99 to $189.99;

Penn Carnage III Rods at ICAST
Penn Carnage III Rods Jon Whittle

Penn Carnage III rods feature light, powerful blanks in over 60 models for inshore fishing, live-baiting, slow-pitch jigging and more. SLC2 blanks on some models have inner spiral-carbon wraps and outer layers of longitudinal carbon fibers. Slow-pitch jigging rods feature a rolled composite core with outer layers of longitudinal glass. Components include Fuji K-series guides, and SeaGuide and Fuji reel seats. $149.95 to $299.95;

Eagle Claw Inshore Rods at ICAST
Eagle Claw Inshore Rods Jon Whittle

Inshore Spinning rods from Eagle Claw, built on 30-ton graphite blanks, offer strength while maintaining sensitivity. Tangle-free SeaGuides facilitate long, accurate casts, and the graphite reel seat and textured EVA handle provide all-day comfort. Offered in various configurations in 7- and 7 1/2-foot models and medium to heavy actions, for 8- to 30-pound line and 1/4- to 2-ounce lures. $149.99;

Ugly Stik Bigwater Rods on display at ICAST
Ugly Stik Bigwater Rods Jon Whittle

Bigwater rods continue Ugly Stik’s legacy of reliability. With retro cosmetics and the customary Clear Tips, these rods combine graphite and fiberglass blanks with quality components, include one-piece stainless guides, roller guides on trolling models, EVA grips, and Ugly Tuff Butts, or durable rubber or aluminum gimbals. Boat, surf, stand-up trolling and downrigger models are available. $69.95 to $199.95;

St. Croix Surf Rods shown off at ICAST
St. Croix Surf Rods Jon Whittle

Lightweight and sensitive, St. Croix Seage rods boast SCII carbon, ART and Veil reinforcing technologies. SeaGuide Hero Hi-Grade guides and SeaGuide NPS reel seats boost durability. X-Flock handles combine textured shrink-tube and Winn polymer foregrips for a minimalistic look and secure handling. The series includes 12 spinning models, from 7 to 12 feet, including nine two-piece models with offset ferrules. $210 to $380;


Accurate Tern 2 fishing reel
Accurate Tern 2 Jon Whittle

With its predecessor’s TwinStar dual- surface drag and main bearing support, the Tern 2 bolsters performance with Xtreme Casting Technology for maximum distance with live baits and lures, and a spool-tension adjustment to reduce backlash. The 6061 aircraft-aluminum construction and stainless gears provide strength under extreme conditions. Available in 300, 400, 500, 500N, 600N and 600 sizes, with 5:1 and 6:1 gear ratios. $359.95 to $399.95;

Shimano Spheros spinning reel
Shimano Spheros Jon Whittle

Shimano has redesigned the Spheros SW line of saltwater spinning reels to incorporate the brand’s Infinity Drive technology for improved pinion gear support and increased winding power under load. X-Protect and X-Shield water-shield technologies offer corrosion protection and added durability. New 14000 and 18000 sizes span the gap between 10000 and 20000 models for a broader range of applications within the seven-model series. $139.99 to $199.99;


VMC Bladed Trebles at ICAST
VMC Bladed Trebles Jon Whittle


Sufix Leaders at ICAST
Sufix Leaders Jon Whittle

For anglers who want less stretch than monofilament but more give than braid, Sufix Advance fluorocarbon leaders offer sensitivity, suppleness, stealth, superior strength and abrasion resistance. A proprietary Gel-Phase Technology process yields unmatched performance, clarity and UV-ray protection. Virtually memory-free, G2 Precision Winding enables baits and lures to move more naturally. Available in 25-yard spools in 15 strengths and diameters, from 4 pounds, 0.007 inch to 100 pounds, 0.041 inch. Starting at $9.99;

Seaguar Camo Braid fishing line
Seaguar Camo Braid Jon Whittle

Seaguar’s TactX four-strand braid is engineered to maintain its round shape for maximizing casting distance while minimizing tip wraps and wind knots. Multi-earth-tone strands create a camouflage color that reduces line visibility, with a texture that cuts through vegetation. Available in 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 65- and 80-pound-test in 150- and 300-yard spools. Each spool will include 5 yards of Seaguar fluorocarbon. $16.99 to $31.99;


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