Skiff Stern-Line Stowage


I mounted a piece of PVC pipe on the underside of the poling platform on my skiff to keep my stern line under control when not in use. Because the rear deck of my skiff has no recesses in which to drop the line, it can blow overboard while under way and would surely wind up in the propeller. I used two stainless-steel screws and a wooden spacer block, so the pipe hangs below the frame of the platform and is easy to reach even when I'm poling. The size of the PVC pipe depends upon the length and diameter of the rope to be stowed. Since I use eight feet of 1/4" nylon rope for this, a 4" piece of 1 1/2"-diameter PVC works great. To keep the rope from being pushed out the far end of the PVC, add an end cap with holes drilled in it for air circulation. Secure one end of the rope to the boat near the PVC. Tie a knot in the bitter end, wrap the rope tightly around your hand, and shove it snugly into the PVC. It will stay there even while the boat is being trailered.

- Bob Stearns, Miami, Florida