Seadek Foam Coaming Bolsters

Take the sharp edges off your boat...

Tired of banging up your knees and shins while fighting fish out at the rip? Then Seadek's new foam coaming bolsters may be for you.

The Florida-based company has gained popularity among flats-boat owners for its unique nonskid, closed-cell foam sheets, which can be used on open deck areas or under gunwales to reduce noise, add grip and prevent fly reels from dinging up gelcoat.

Now the company has come up with a set of self-applicating coaming bolsters to take the sharp edges off gunwales around the cockpit of a skiff, bay boat or center console. The pads come in long strips in several different colors: Caribbean blue, sand, seafoam green, black, Hatteras white and storm gray.
In addition, the company makes helm pads and nonskid cushioning for poling and casting platforms. Seadek's space-age, pressure-sensitive adhesive backing makes application a breeze. Just measure, cut, peel and stick. Your knees will thank you.

For more information on this and other Seadek products, call 321-632-6503 or visit