Scientific Anglers' Prefab Leaders

Prefab Leaders from Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers is well known for its broad range of fly lines, and with the addition of its species-specific Mastery Series fly lines came the need for compatible leader material. Now Scientific Anglers fills that need.
These new Mastery Series leaders come in a variety of versions, allowing you to customize them for your needs. Each of the new saltwater leaders features a longer transition section to increase knot strength and flexibility while reducing memory. The advanced taper, along with increased flexibility, allows you to turn the fly over and still provides a natural drift.
Available in "Bonefish," "Tarpon," "Striped Bass" and "Barracuda" variations, the Mastery Series leaders come in 10-foot lengths with 8-, 10-, 12- and 16-pound-test tippets. All heavy leaders have larger diameter butt sections for the power needed to turn over heavy flies and are clear for low visibility in the water.
For more information, contact Scientific Anglers at 3M Scientific Anglers, 3M Center, Building 223-4NE, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000; 800-525-6290.