The Salt Water Sportsman Reader: A Profile of Power

From The 2004 Salt Water Sportsman Independent Subscriber Study Conducted by Riffkin and Associates, Scarsdale, New York

August 17, 2007
Salt Water Sportsman reaches the most hard core anglers…
Male 98%
Average number of days spent fishing in the past year 60
Average number of years nivolved in salt water fishing 28
Paid to fish in the past year 56%
Own a boat 86%
Average # of boats owned 2
Own fishing equipment 99%
Own marine electronics 97%
Average amount of marine electronics owned $11,977
Own marine accessories & equipment 96%
Own waterfront property 34%
…with the affluence to pursue one of the world’s most expensive sports.
Average HHI $156,600
Median HHI $107,600
HHI $100,000+ 54%
Average Net Worth $1,433,800
Professional/Managerial 63%
Own a second/vacation home 55%
Purchased a product advertised in SWS 71%

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