Salt Water Kids

Send in your nominations today!

Salt Water Sportsman will recognize three outstanding young people, boys and girls nominated by you, our readers, in each issue of 2013. Our criteria for choosing the three kids each month is relatively simple - we're looking for kids who have done something exceptional in the field of saltwater fishing.

That could be forming a fishing club at school, starting a monofilament recycling program in the community, organizing a beach cleanup, or whatever. It could also be a truly outstanding or unusual catch, but this is decidedly not about who caught the biggest or most fish or won a tournament.

Nominees for Salt Water Kids of the month must be 14 years of age or younger and should send us a photograph of themselves, preferably engaged in the activity they are being nominated for, and they must also send us a short essay (written by themselves, parents) describing their action and why they think it's noteworthy. A paragraph or two is all we ask.

Email your nominations to (please put "Salt Water Kids" in the subject line)