Sabiki Sheaths


This tube will allow you to store a Sabiki rig on your boat without tangles or exposed hooks. Cut a 3/4" (diameter) PVC tube 2" longer than the length of the Sabiki rig, from the swivel to the sinker. Next, saw an end-to-end PVC coupler in half so the edge will be flush with the end of the tube, and affix it to the tube with PVC cement. Sand the coupler/tube edge until it is rounded, to prevent the hooks from snagging. Drill a hole completely through the PVC tube about an inch from the bottom (the end opposite the coupling) and slide a stainless bolt through, fixing it in place with a locknut. This will prevent the sinker from coming out the bottom. Notch that end of the tube with a couple of "V" cuts to allow the water to drain. Attach a snap swivel to the coupler at the top of the rig with a short stainless screw that doesn't penetrate to the inside of the tube. Attach the unit to the boat with two wide nylon straps and stainless screws and washers. When you're done with your Sabiki for the day, simply lower it, sinker-first, down into the tube, taking care not to snag the hooks on the top edge. Then, unhook it from the line and snap the rig's swivel to the snap swivel at the top of the tube. At the end of your trip, blast fresh water down the tube and leave the rig in its PVC tube.

—David Matney, Wilmington, North Carolina