Rod Holder Bait Table

Add convenience when cutting bait with this stowable table designed to fit into a rod holder.

November 1, 2016
Build this handy rod holder bait table


Steve Sanford
  1. Trace the bases of the cup holders on the opposite corners of the cutting board. Cut out the holes so the cup holders fit tightly.
  2. Center the toilet flange ( ) on the cutting board, mark the screw holes, and drill and countersink for screws.
  3. Fasten the toilet flange to the bottom of the cutting board with the screws and nuts.
  4. Cut slots on one end of the PVC pipe so it seats securely into a rod holder.
  5. Cement the 3- to 11⁄2-inch PVC reducer to the toilet flange.
  6. Cement the 11⁄2- to 11⁄4-inch reduction bushing ( ) to the length of PVC pipe.
  7. Slide the top and bottom assemblies together and drill through both where they overlap to accept the linchpin.
Handy rod holder bait table

Easy mounting

The finished product, ready for a day on the water Steve Sanford

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