Rigging with Rubber Bands


To make a simple, weighted live bait rig to get eelsor other bait down deep, double about 15 inches or so of yourspool line to get a finished doubled length of at least eightto ten inches. Use a Spider hitch or a Bimini twist. Slide anegg sinker onto the spool line before using a surgeon's knot toattach three feet of 40-pound-test mono leader.

Because sand can accumulate in the bore of the slidingegg sinker and chafe the double line or leader knot as the sinkerslides down, use a #64 rubber band as a snubber to keep the sinkerabove the knots. Attach the rubber band to the spool line justabove the double line knot using a double overhand knot in therubber band, pulled very tight. The tension on the rubber bandwill keep it in place, and it shouldn't even slide when it getswet. Trim the "loop" ends off the rubber band to finishthe snubber and the rig.

- Brion Babbitt, Dennisville, New Jersey