Outdoor Intel Named Exclusive Source of Fishing Hot Spots Digital Data

October 3, 2001

A new company, Outdoor Intel Inc., today announced a licensing agreement with Fishing Hot Spots Inc. (FHS), the nation’s largest publisher of fishing maps, under which it will become the exclusive source of all digital mapping data for a variety of uses, including software, Internet applications, wireless, mobile and GPS.

FHS maps have been guiding anglers for more than two decades. Under the agreement announced today, Boulder, Colo.-based Outdoor Intel will become the exclusive source for the ever-increasing library of digitized FHS information, such as depth contours and shorelines, as well as navigational aids like boat ramps, marinas and campgrounds. Additionally, FHS’ legendary fishing tips and techniques will be available in these new digital forms.

“Bringing industry-leading Fishing Hot Spots’ data to digital formats such as computer software, wireless computing applications and GPS units is providing anglers high-tech tools to enhance the fishing experience that, until now, have simply not been available,” said Rich Hoops, president and CEO, Outdoor Intel.


Outdoor Intel: The Exclusive Link to the Country’s Best Fishing Information
Outdoor Intel has been formed to provide FHS data for a number of applications in a variety of digital forms, enabling application developers to provide leading-edge products for the fishing market. Initial efforts will be focused on continuing the success FHS has enjoyed in providing digital data to the marine GPS market, where Garmin and Navionics already provide products to download FHS lake contour and structure information into both handheld and fixed-mount GPS units. Future applications for FHS/OI digital data will include formats such as PC mapping programs, Internet applications, and mobile and handheld (e.g., Palm or Pocket PC) applications.

As a part of the relationship, FHS and OI will work together to expand the current freshwater library while simultaneously embarking on saltwater research.
Offering more than 500 maps of lakes, reservoirs and rivers throughout the U.S. and the Province of Ontario, Canada, FHS has earned a reputation for providing its customers with quality products and outstanding service. FHS maps provide accurate, detailed information to help you find fish quickly. Depth contours, structure, boat landings, marinas, flooded timber and weedbeds are just some of the features commonly shown. Whether you’re after panfish, bass, trout or pike, FHS maps have all the detail needed to eliminate unproductive water and head straight for the action.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Outdoor Intel to make our fishing data available to anglers in a variety of new forms and tools,” said Mike Michalak, Fishing Hot Spots president. “Whether an angler prefers a traditional map, CD-ROM or a downloaded application to a Palm or Pocket PC device, our alliance with Outdoor Intel will ensure the country’s most complete fishing maps and information will be readily available,” he added.


About Outdoor Intel:
Formed earlier this year, Outdoor Intel Inc. is bringing maps and information for more then 350 bodies of water to new digital technologies and formats, providing anglers across the country with tools and information never before available. The exclusive source of digitized data from Fishing Hot Spots Inc., which boasts the nation’s largest collection of freshwater maps and fishing information, Outdoor Intel is based in Boulder, Colo., and led by a seasoned management team with experience from leading technology companies. In order to help preserve our natural resources for generations to come, Outdoor Intel supports catch and release.
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