Guatemala Offshore Fishing Trip

A photo gallery of our visit to Casa Vieja Lodge

Sights like this were common off the Pacific coast of Guatemala.Megan Williams

Salt Water Sportsman's annual summer trip took the staff to Guatemala for an offshore fishing adventure. Below are some of the amazing photos — from jumping billfish to sights from the world-famous Casa Vieja Lodge — from the experience off the Pacific coast of this Central America country.

The group spent the trip at Casa Vieja Lodge.Shawn Bean
A billfish takes a vertical leap out of the water.Megan Williams
One boat gets hooked up to a fish and the fight is on.Glenn Law
Before fighting Pacific blue marlin and sailfish, the crews needed to stock up on bait.Bill Doster
One of the fish seen quite a lot? Mahi.Bill Doster
A mahi puts on quite a fight.Bill Doster
This sailfish put on a show for the crew of anglers and the captain.Bill Doster
A blue marlin shows its colors as it jumps out of the water.Bill Doster
This sailfish gave the team quite a battle before it was released.Bill Doster
As the boat heads offshore, we get a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.Bill Doster
A quick photo and a release for this sailfish.Bill Doster
Another sailfish is hooked and takes to the air.Bill Doster
Back at Casa Vieja Lodge, the crew is ready to relax after a day of fishing.Mark Mackenzie
A sailfish puts on a show as this angler is close to another release.Bill Doster
As the sailfish comes boatside, we get a close-up view of the fish.Bill Doster
This photo was taken at the perfect time.Bill Doster
Looks like a round of multiple hookups for mahi for this crew.Bill Doster