NuWave Tackle's Head Spin HS-1

NuWave Tackle's Head Spin HS-1 offers a solution to the problem of tying and drying epoxy flies so that they come out even and smooth.


The effectiveness and durability of epoxy flies is certainly no secret to fly fishermen -these patterns catch even the most finicky game fish. The problem is tying and drying them so they consistently come out even and smooth. NuWave Tackle offers a solution -the Head Spin HS-1.

The HS-1 is designed to increase the quality of your epoxy-head flies and jigs by rotating them at the optimal rate while the epoxy is curing. This produces perfectly shaped bodies and frees up your hands to tie or coat more flies. The Head Spin-large five-inch wheel will rotate well over a dozen flies, and uses a sturdy and unique patent-pending spring design to securely hold flies from size 6 to 6/0. The unique spring wheel holds your fly hook between its coils, which act like a series of 200 or so mini vises. The spring wheel also features a special slip-clutch design that allows you to grab, stop and reverse the wheel as you add flies, jigs or epoxy.

The HS-1 features a solid metal base, nickel-plated spring wheel and a 7-rpm motor. It is available in both battery-powered ($65.99) and AC-powered ($79.99) units.

For more information, contact NuWave Tackle, 2139 Yarnall Road, Pottstown, PA 19464; 610-718-8837.