Newslines - Fish Police - Model Fisherman

A snapper from the surf with a panfish rod? Not on our watch.


|| |---| || |Photo: John Keller/Cliff Gardiner| Fish Police tries to take it easy on fashion models (ever heard of shooting fish in a barrel?) but this shot from the J. Crew catalog impressed even us. For starters, we're curious how one manages to land a Vermilion snapper from the beach. (Can you say, "fish market?") Last time we checked, you needed to drop a hook on a rough patch of bottom a few miles offshore. That panfish rod   with the zip-tie still on the handle, mind you   won't cut it in the surf. And it's the first time we've seen a Duolock snap swivel used as a fish stringer. But hey, we understand. It'd be a shame get any fish slime on those new board shorts.

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