Potential World-Record Yellowfin Tuna Caught in Cabo

The fish could also be worth $1,000,000 in Mustad contest

world record tuna

world record tuna

Courtesy Mario Banaga / Pisces Sportfishing / www.piscessportfishing.com/

A monster yellowfin tuna was landed Wednesday in Cabo San Lucas that could easily shatter the current IGFA all-tackle world record.

The fish, which weighed in at 427 pounds and 421.5 pounds on two different scales, was caught about 180 miles south of the Baja town by angler Guy Yocom of Dania Point, California, on his own boat El Suertudo, as reported by Pisces Sportfishing.

The crew was drifting chunk baits when the big tuna hit on Tuesday. The fish was brought aboard after a surprisingly short 55-minute fight.

"I was very lucky," Yocom told U-T San Diego. "We've been out looking for big fish for quite a while, and this time I was fortunate to land one. It was my time up. The rod was in the rod holder, and it was my time up. I grabbed it and landed it."

If certified, this yellowfin would easily unseat the current record-holder, a 405-pound fish caught in San Diego in 2010 by Mike Livingston. A 427-pound challenger to the record was landed last April in Puerto Vallarta, but was disqualified after it was discovered that a mate touched the rod.

As an added bonus, Pete Thomas reports that the anglers were also chasing a special prize from Mustad Hooks. Known as the "Hook a Million" contest, it offers a $1,000,000 prize to the angler who sets an IGFA all-tackle world record by the end of September. It has not ben determined whether the catch qualifies yet.