Marlin U to host fly-fishing class in Costa Rica

Marlin U to host fly-fishing class in Costa Rica


Join Marlin U for its first-ever Fly-Fishing session. Held in Guanamar, Costa Rica, the same action-packed spot where we hold all of our Costa Rica sessions, this special class will have you casting the long wand under the two of the world's best - Hal Chittum and Capt. George Sawley. Chittum has caught billfish on the fly all over the world and has even released three blue marlin in a single day while fly-fishing. Capt. George Sawley holds several billfish on fly world records and specializes in catching blue marlin on fly on his Spencer Boat,_ Stalker_. Sawley has arguably caught more blue marlin on the fly than any other captain.

Both of these experts bring years of experience to this special session, and they will provide hands-on instruction to make sure that you come away with good lessons in every aspect of targeting billfish on the fly. From what flies to use to what knots to tie, no question will go unanswered.

This new class accommodates only 12 students! To catch the latest news on this class, fish to or call Barbara Lehner, Marlin University at 407-571-4606.