Lauderdale Marine Center now the largest yacht repair facility in the US.

The marina is currently completely full, and the yard is at 80% of full capacity.

Lauderdale Marine Center, one of Florida's foremost yacht repair facilities, is proud to announce that they have completed a vast, four year expansion and are now the largest yacht repair facility in the US.

Lauderdale Marine Center has more than doubled the size of their facility, to encompass an impressive 50 acres, with 125 floating docks, 29 mega yacht berths for vessels up to 180ft, and 19 covered sheds. LMC can now accommodate 35 mega yachts on the hard, as well as a large number of medium sized and smaller boats. In addition there are 84,000 square feet of covered wet slips. The total office, service and covered work area is 246,000 square feet. Lauderdale Marine Center can now service the largest number of yachts of any mega yacht facility in the US (and perhaps the world).

This unique facility allows each yacht's management team to decide who performs the work. They can do it themselves, hire any of the over 50 on site contractors, or bring in qualified outside contractors - or choose a combination of all of the above. LMC is a customer friendly marine center that puts the customer in control.

In addition to the new work areas, sheds and dockage, a large amount of conveniently located parking has been added to accommodate owners, crew and contractors. Much emphasis has been put on the esthetics, with extensive landscaping and some interesting sculptural looking machinery that is soon to be refinished, this will no doubt be the nicest looking repair facility in town.

The marina is currently completely full, and the yard is at 80% of full capacity. The on site contractors are staying very busy, and the yard is bustling with life and energy. Lauderdale Marine Center is a State of Florida "Clean Marina" and "Clean Boatyard", and a great deal of effort is put in to protecting our environment through proper equipment and work procedures.

Lauderdale Marine Center is located along the south side of the South Fork of the New River in Fort Lauderdale. The west part of the yard was originally developed in the 1940's, and was known as Lauderdale Yacht Basin. In April 1997 Lauderdale Yacht Basin was purchased by Selvin Passen and Morio Mito, who then redeveloped the property which now features a total of fourteen buildings. In 2004 they purchased the adjacent former Broward Marine site, in order to create the largest yacht repair facility in the US. It has been a four year process of extensive environmental clean up, design, review and construction. The east yard expansion was completed in October 2008 and all the new areas are now fully functional.