Huff inducted into IGFA Hall of Fame

Huff began guiding anglers in the Keys in the late 1960s...


Photo courtesy Frank Catino

Legendary Florida Keys guide Steve Huff will be inducted into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame in late October. Huff joins Yoshiro Hattori, George G. Matthews, John Wilson and Forrest Wood as the organization's 12th induction class.

Huff began guiding anglers in the Keys in the late 1960s, after receiving a marine biology degree from the University of Miami. He soon became a fixture in the area, all the while refining South Florida light-tackle fishing. Huff is regarded as the dean of permit fishing - no one else is close.

While decidedly old-school in his approach, Huff transitioned into modern times without a hitch. His knowledge of knots is unparalleled, and he uses only IGFA-class tippets (and nothing over 16-pound, the original fly-fishing rating allowed by IGFA).

I have been fortunate enough to know many anglers and guides, and no one possesses Huff's skills. He is a unique angler and guide who avoids the limelight yet continues to help others improve their fishing.