Greater amberjack opens in Gulf

Gulf of Mexico amberjack season closed in June, reopens August 1

Amberjack opens August 1

Amberjack opens in Gulf

Greater amberjack will open to Florida anglers in Gulf of Mexico state and federal waters August 1. The season closes annually June 1. Bag limit for anglers in the Gulf is one fish per person, per day, minimum 30 inches fork length, In Atlantic state waters, the size limit is 28 inches fork length. Reef fish gear rules apply when fishing for greater amberjack, which in the Gulf means anglers must use circle hooks are mandatory and anglers must have a dehooking device and a venting tool on board. State waters in the Gulf extend from shore to nine nautical miles and in the Atlantic from shore to three nautical miles; federal waters extend from those boundaries to about 200 miles from shore. For more go to