Found: Mermaids

These original Fish Babes have been plaguing fishermen and explorers for centuries. Check out these found footage clipsyou be the judge.

Since 1000 B.C., the mermaid species has been sought after. Sailors have spotted them during the Macedonian era. Blackbeard feared them. Fishermen have fallen in love with them. Twentysomethings filmed them with their iPhones. Even with this overwhelming evidence, they are still considered to be a myth.

Mermaids are creatures with an upper body of a female matched with the tail of a fish. They tend to wear seashells as clothingscientists are still at odds of how they construct these handmade brassieres. Mermaids can have platonic relationships with the likes of flounders and crabs.

The history of a mermaid's demeanor is mixed. Some reports say they can calm the waters when pleased with their passersby, others denote that mermaids have wished doom upon sailing ships.

There is a location that mermaids can be found daily in **Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida **(even on Thanksgiving and Christmas, 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.). They are working full-time as underwater performers for humans. If this destiantion isn't close enough, for immediate gratification of mermaids in the flesh/scales, here is a collection of found footage of these enchanted sea creatures.