Floating sportfishing-yacht club has spa, wine cellar

Could Robin Leach be interested in a new show titled "Lifestyles of the Rich and Floating"?

August 13, 2008

Just about the time you think you’ve seen everything to pamper serious saltwater anglers, another grandiose concept takes bloom.
Would you believe a floating sportfishing-yacht club?
Eastern Pacific Yacht Club (EPYC) bills the venture as “your private mothership club” and the idea is based upon a redesign and refurbishing of the 160-foot motor vessel Shelikof, rechristening her the Pacific Provider.  
Pacific Provider is now in San Diego, CA undergoing changes.  She’s scheduled to be launched later this summer.  The ship will feature fueling and tie-up privileges, yacht maintenance and support facilities, broadband satellite communication, satellite TV, dining room and bar, laundry services, Jacuzzi, exercise room and even a 650-bottle wine cellar!
Members will stay in six luxury suites and can arrive on site via their own fishing yachts or by helicopter, landing on the ship’s heli-pad.
Non-boat owners can fish from a pair of Pacific Provider’s 35-foot sportfishers or a smaller, center-console craft.  Other watercraft and gear available include Jet Skis, surfboards, kayaks and diving equipment.  A full array of fishing tackle is also planned.

Membership is limited to 50 and Phase I of 15 members is already sold-out.  More information: 1-866-841-0931 or at
Could Robin Leach be interested in a new show titled “Lifestyles of the Rich and Floating”?


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