Fishing Participation Increases Nationwide

There's been an 11 percent increase in anglers compared to 2006.

After two decades of flat or declining participation, people fishing in the U.S are on the rise. In 2011 90.1 million Americans, 38 percent of the U.S. population 16 years old and older, enjoyed some form of fishing or wildlife-associated recreation. On average, each sports person spent $2,407 in 2011.

The data show an 11 percent increase in anglers compared to the 2006 survey. In particular, saltwater angling participation increased 15 percent. Anglers spent about 17 days fishing in 2011.

Most notable, however, is that anglers continued their strong spending habits. Outdoor recreation is a huge contributor to our nation’s economy. Equipment expenditures ($6.2 billion for anglers) to special equipment ($25 billion toward boats and other such vehicles) to trip-related expenses totaled over $32 billion. Sportsmen and women continue to spend their discretionary income toward the outdoors.