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Coast Guard Investigates Headboat Sinking
A formal investigation into the Contender incident began in Oakland, California. Earlier this year the commercial passenger fishing vessel sank off the San Francisco coast while returning from a salmon fishing trip. All passengers and crew were recovered by nearby fishing boats and Coast Guard search and rescue, but one passenger later died from an apparent heart attack.

Rhode Island Anglers Help Fund Striped Bass Study
The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA) has shown its support for Stripers Forever by contributing $1,000 to help fund the upcoming Southwick Study. The study, to be completed by Southwick Associates and commissioned by Stripers Forever, will analyze the social and economic benefits of personal-use and recreational fishing for wild striped bass versus the limited seasonal value of the commercial fishery. RISAA claims membership of more than 5,000 anglers and 24 affiliated clubs. Stripers Forever plans to widely disseminate the results of the Southwick Study to anglers, fishery managers, state and federal lawmakers, conservation organizations and the media. For more information, visit

Texas Names First Salt Water Elite Angler
The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department bestowed Elite Angler status on the first winner for the salt water category. Kenneth Thyssen of Deer Park, Texas, won the award for catching big fish of five different species: king mackerel, southern flounder, red drum, spotted seatrout and sheepshead. The award is a component of the Department's Angler Recognition Program and there is no time limit to gather the required five different fish species. For information, visit

Virginia Blackfin Tuna Record
Virginia now has its first blackfin tuna state record. William Charleton registered a 33-pound, 15-ounce blackfin as the first fish of the species to meet the state-record minimum of 20 pounds. He caught his trophy on a trolled plastic squid rigged on a spreader bar in the Norfolk Canyon with Jimmy Collier on the Bone Daddy. The Virginia Game Fish Tournament added blackfin tuna to the list of eligible record species in 1999. For information, visit