Materials: The Li’l Wobbler

October 3, 2001
  • Hook
    Tietaco TMCS00S,Mustad 34007, or equivalent. Sizes 2-8.

  • Thread
    Flat, waxed nylon. Color to match carapace.

  • Antennae
    Four strands of Accent or Krystal Flash. Color to match carapace.

  • Forelegs
    Polar bear hair, bucktail, kip tail, craft fur, etc. Color to match carapace.

  • Body
    Flat, waxed nylon thread wrapped over the shank of the hook.

  • Segments
    Four strands of Accent or Krystal Flash (same material used to form antennae) twisted together and wrapped over the thread body to form segments.

  • Tail
    Same four strands of Accent or Krystal Flash used for antennae and segments. Folded back towards point to give added flash and action.

  • Eyes
    Bead-chain eyes painted black. Large eyes for hook sizes 2 and 4. Medium eyes for hook sizes 6 and 8.

  • Carapace
    Sticky-back prismatic tape or glitter tape doubled and cut to shape.

  • Cement
    Super Glue.


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