A Legend Passes

On November 16, Bill Barnes, legendary fly-fisherman and lodgeowner of Casa Mar Lodge, died from pneumonia in San Jose, CostaRica. Barnes had been in poor health for several years. He wascremated, and his ashes were spread on the Rio Colorado and at CasaMar.

Barnes taught physical education in south Florida before takingover management of Casa Mar, a lodge on the northeast coast ofCosta Rica, in the early 1970s. He jumped at the chance, and thelodge quickly became what many considered to be the best-run inCentral America.

It was at Casa Mar in the 1970s that anglers, using lead-coreshooting heads, developed much of the deepwater techniquesfly-fishermen around the world use. Barnes was a pioneer in thistype of fishing, as well as for many inshore and offshorespecies.

Barnes was one of my best friends, and indeed his warmpersonality won him friends all over the world. With his death, theworld of fly-fishing is much poorer.