JBE's Strip 'n Aid

JBE Introduces the Strip 'n Aid, a stripping basket without walls.


Some of us out there don't like to use stripping baskets, regardless of their usefulness, because they are bulky, awkward and just look strange. For those of us who shun the use of baskets, JBE introduces the Strip 'n Aid. This stripping basket without walls was developed to provide everything a stripping basket does, plus it acts as a quick storage platform for gear. It stows away easily and compactly.
This extremely portable and lightweight platform is fully adjustable for both long and short strips, can be positioned almost anywhere on your body and works for either right- or left-handed fishermen. Even better, it works just as well in a kayak, on a flats boat, offshore, onshore and in the surf - and it won't hold water. Designed from ABS plastic, the Strip 'n Aid is not only durable, but practically indestructible. It retails for $59.95.
For more information, contact JBE, PO Box 945, Gatesville, TX 76528; 254-865-4071.