Best of Gulf Fishing: Southern Hospitality

Making visitors feel at home is a point of pride all along the Gulf coast.

Woodland Plantation

Woodland Plantation

Making visitors feel at home is a point of pride in the South, especially in the friendly fishing villages that line the Gulf coast. You’ll find no shortage of hotels, inns, and lodges that offer a warm welcome and comfortable accommodations. Here are some that made a lasting impression on our fishing experts, which we're sharing in our Best of Gulf Fishing series.

CHRIS WOODWARD, Editor, Sport Fishing: Steinhatchee Landing Resort in Steinhatchee, Florida, features a number of very colorful cottages on its property. My personal favorite is April Showers cottage #23 — a one-bedroom with a gas fireplace, spa tub and quaint kitchen. The resort lies right along the Steinhatchee River with cottages woven into the numerous pines and palms, so the location is quiet and scenic.

DAVE FERRELL, Editor, Marlin: I usually stay with my parents in Freeport, Florida, but if you want to get close to the beach and enjoy some away-from-home luxury you should try the Emerald Grand at Harbor Walk in nearby Destin. It's right on the beach overlooking Destin Inlet … a really pretty spot.

DOUG OLANDER, Editor-in-Chief, Sport Fishing: On my trips to Venice, Louisiana, I always stay at Capt. Rimmer Covington's facility, which is always very comfortable.

JOHN FRAZIER, Editor, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters: I love Woodland Plantation in Port Sulphur, Louisiana. It's old, it's real, it's haunted, it's the house that's on the label of Southern Comfort. The staff there bends over backwards for their guests and by the end of your stay, you feel like you're saying goodbye to friends.

MIKE MAZUR, Senior Editor, Sport Fishing: There are so many great places, it's hard to pick. I enjoyed a recent stay at Capt. Theophile Bourgeois' lodge in Barataria, Louisiana. They've got a beautiful place, right on the water, close to excellent inshore fishing. You can even take a floatplane right from the lodge and fly off to fish the Chandeleurs. Excellent food, too.