Group Sponsors Research on Bonefish and Tarpon


Acoustic-telemetry listening stations (top) aid bonefish and tarpon researchers in their effort to understand the movements of these important game species. (bottom) Pop-up archival transmitting tags, such as this for tarpon, provide information to researchers without necessitating a fish's capture.|

Fisheries researchers have overlooked bonefish and tarpon for years in favor of species with higher food value. But thanks to Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited (BTU) researchers are examining the spawning and migration habits of these great game fish. The South Florida organization sponsored research using pop-up archival-transmitting and acoustic-telemetry tags to learn more about the dynamics of each species. BTU is also sponsoring a scientific symposium this January in partnership with the International Game Fish Association, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, University of Miami and others. For more information, visit