Glueless Jig Action


Some fishermen attach soft-plastic baits to a jighead with a dab of super glue or silicone caulk to prevent short-strikers from pulling the bait off the hook. Instead of glue, I prefer to use a tightly clinched miniature wire-tie about 1/8" behind the jighead. The wire-ties work just as well, if not better, than glue and can be used easily on the boat. The wire-ties are inexpensive - I get 50 for a dollar - and can be removed easily with sidecutters or nippers. I use pliers to make the tie as tight as possible, then cut off the tag end with sidecutters. I put the lock of the wire-tie on the opposite side of the jig from the hook so it does not interfere with hooking.

- Arthur Brockelman, Melbourne Beach, Florida