Xtools Floating Fishing Tools

Xtools offers a line of high-visibility fishing tools that actually float. The company's 3 models of fishing pliers are made out of a strong, lightweight composite-reinforced plastic and have a tungsten carbide cutting system. The pliers come in both bullnose and bentnose styles in the 6.5" length, as well as a 9" bullnose model. The E-Z Release Dehooker combines a handle of composite-reinforced plastic with a 6" stainless-steel line-guide dehooker for years of rust-free service. Both the pliers and the dehooker feature high-visibility lime-green, soft-grip handles. All Xtools come with safety lanyards. The pliers start at $17.99 and the dehooker sells for $11.99. Xtools LLC, Sarasota, FL; (877) 498-6657; www.Xtools.us.