Tiburon Smart Shift Reels


Tiburon's Smart Shift two-speed, lever-drag reels ($639-$699) automatically shift from a high-speed, rapid-retrieve gear ratio to a low-speed, power-cranking ratio when a predetermined amount of tension is applied during battle, eliminating the need for manual shifting. To change the shift point, simply turn the star clutch on the sideplate. The Smart Shift reels are available in 5 models ranging from the SST8/50 (550 yds./16 lb. mono) to the SST30/80 (500 yds./40 lb. mono), and feature machined-aluminum frames and sideplates, 6 ball bearings, oversized lever-drag systems and a T-Bar handle for easy cranking. Each model has the drag power to handle super-braid lines (model numbers indicate minimum and maximum line tests), allowing anglers to fight bigger fish on a smaller, lighter reel. Tiburon Engineering, Santa Anna, CA; (714) 546-7753; www.tiburonengineering.com.