Strip Ease


Elec-Tra-Mate has just released what has to be one of the simplest and best-made line-stripping devices on the market. Machined from solid T6 aluminum and anodized against corrosion, the Line Stripper comes is 3 sizes and fits into the chuck of most power drills. In the case oflarger reels, line can be stored on the Stripper while the reel is being serviced and re-spooled later. One end-plate unscrews for easy line disposal. The small Stripper ($30) holds 500 yrds. of 10 lb. mono, the medium model ($40) holds 600 yrds. of 50 lb. mono and the large model ($60) holds 700 yrds. of 100 lb. mono. Elec-Tra-Mate, Greensboro, NC; (336) 273-9101;