Standard Horizon Matrix GX1280S VHF


The Matrix GX1280S VHF from Standard Horizon provides a full-range of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) features in an easy-to-operate, fixed-mount package. The Matrix can transmit and receive DSC Urgency, Safety, Group and Individual calls, as well as sending an automated digital mayday transmission in an emergency, including date, time and GPS position (when connected to a GPS unit, not included). A connected GPS also allows the GX1280S to poll other vessels and shows their position on its 4-line alphanumeric display. The programmable VHF will scan any number of channels and allows the user to set a priority channel. The unit has an oversize channel selector knob and can work with an optional RAM+ microphone that provides virtual multistation operation. The Matrix GX1280S lists for $349. Standard Horizon, Cypress, CA; (714) 827-7600;