Raymarine's SmartPilot S1000


Raymarine's SmartPilot S1000 links with SeaStar hydraulic steering to provide outboard-powered boats up to 25 feet long with both an autopilot and wireless remote control. The included S100 wireless remote (shown) clips to the belt and frees the hands for rigging and reeling while the autopilot takes the boat through four programmed trolling patterns, or the user's program. Using two AAA batteries, the remote has a range of about 30 feet. The autopilot switches to standby mode if the remote goes out of range or is dropped overboard. The autopilot can link to a GPS unit via NMEA or SeaTalk inputs. The S1000 comes with a hydraulic pump, a steering-system bleed kit, hydraulic fluid and everything needed for do-it-yourself installation. The SmartPilot S1000 has an MSRP of $1,300. Raymarine, Nashua, NH; (800) 539-5539; www.raymarine.com.