Rapala Lock 'n Weigh fish-handling device


Rapala has recently introduced three new models of its popular Lock 'n Weigh fish-handling device with built-in scale. The Magnum, Magnum XL and Lock 'n Grip all feature high-grade, stainless-steel construction, non-slip handles and proprietary cam-lock system. The Magnum Lock 'n Weigh ($65.49) offers a wider jaw opening to accommodate larger salt water species such as dolphin, barracuda and striped bass, and features a 75-pound scale. The Magnum XL ($91.99) has an extra-long 28" reach and wide-gap cam, and is made to handle even larger species up to 125 pounds. The Lock 'n Grip (shown, $26.49) features a unique lever-style handle that makes it easy to lift and release fish without having to change hand positions. Normark Corp., Minnetonka, MN; (952) 933-7060; www.rapala.com.

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