Nemire Red Rippers


The Red Ripper Series from Nemire includes three models of gold spoons specifically targeted at redfish. Each spoon features a patented All-Metal Sound Chamber that is said to attract reds from longer distances, and the lures are designed to turn from left to right when moved through the water, as well as rock back and forth 180 degrees in a controlled wobble to accentuate the sound. The exclusive Skirt Strap feature allows the angler to change skirt colors or add a plastic worm or other type of trailer. Red Rippers are available in 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4 oz. sizes, and feature genuine 24kt gold ($7.65) or pure-silver ($5.99) finishes. Velvet gift-box sets are also available. John Nemire Lure Co., Scottsdale, AZ; (800) 232-9909;