Nautical Cross Boarding Step

Onboard, the step can be used to store small items...


Taking a large step on or off of any boat can often be dangerous. The reality is, the deck and gunnels are rarely completely dry and taking large or unnatural steps only complicates things. It's best to have a boarding step at your disposal. Nautical Cross has introduced a version that will ensure that all passengers make it on and off of your boat safely. It's constructed from fiberglass and weighs approximately 21 pounds and all the hardware is stainless steal. Non-marking rubber feet keep it in place even on wet or damp surfaces. The whole step measures 19"x13.5"x13.5" and has a flip top with a non-skid surface. Onboard, the step can be used to store small items and can also be used as extra seating. Retail price: $249.99. For more information, visit