Nacre Lures Humbolt Squid Teaser

This teaser was built specifically to imitate squid...


A good percentage of our favorite species key in on squid from time to time. On top of that, squid are a favorite imitation for those running teasers.  Nacre Lures is introducing their new Humbolt Squid Teaser. This teaser was built specifically to a.) imitate squid and b.) create a much turbulence while trolling as possible.  One look at the rig makes it easy to see how Nacre has accomplished this. The actual teasers are a conical shaped cylinder each of which has a total of 360 holes. Behind the teasers there's a 13" plastic ocean squid connected with 400 lb. mono and is weighted with a 12 oz. drail.  The end result is a squid chain that smokes and sways enticing your favorite gamefish. For more information email