Standard Horizon GX127OS Intrepid+ VHF Marine Transceiver


The Standard Horizon GX1270S Intrepid+ VHF marine transceiver gives the user 25 watts of power and access to all U.S., Canadian and international marine channels. The Intrepid+ is set up for Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and is compatible with MariTEL's DSC telephone service, which is available by subscription. The unit has a waterproof microphone and housing and uses Clear Voice Noise Canceling Technology to eliminate unwanted background noise caused by engines and wind. The Intrepid+ can be connected to a GPS or chart plotter, and sports a large, backlit LCD display to give channel, position and speed and course information. The Standard Horizon GX1270S Intrepid+ has a suggested retail price of $417. Standard Horizon, Cerritos, CA, (714) 827-7600;