SI-TEX SP-70/SP-80 Autopilots


Boat owners with hydraulic steering systems have long enjoyed the benefits of a dependable auotpilot. Not so for boat owners with mechanical steering. In the past, they have had to suffer the indignities of lackluster performance. SI-TEX is changing all that with the introduction of a new auotpilot drive unit engineered especially for mechnical push-pull cable steering.

Designed to fit most cable systems, including Morse, Technoflex, Teleflex and Ultraflex, this new wheel pilot unit mounts discreetly behind the dash and accommodates both standard and tilt steering wheels. The new drive will be sold with both the SP-70 (handheld) and SP-80 (fixed mount) SI-TEX autopilot systems. The new drive produces a maximum cable pull of 300-pounds, easily handling most cable-steered vessels up to 35 feet. SI-TEX, St. Petersburg, FL; (727) ¿576-5734.