Shakespeare SE-700 Handheld VHF


Shakespeare's new SE-700offers massive battery capacity, flexible charging capabilities,and lots of standard features, all at an affordable price. TheRapid Power battery system is an ultra heavy-duty rechargeablenickel-metal hydride battery pack that features a 1,300 milliampcapacity, more than twice as much as some competitive radios.But if you prefer, the SE-700 can also run on standard AA or Nicadbatteries. The unit comes with a cigarette-lighter plug, whichprovides memory-free charging from either a 12V DC or 110V ACsource. It can perform a standard overnight charge or a three-hourfast charge. Operating modes include all-scan, memory scan, dualwatch, weather alert, and priority channels 9/16. The SE-700 alsocomes with a three-year warranty. _Shakespeare C&E;, Newberry,SC; (803) 276-5504; _Circle No. 217on Reader Service Card.