JRC JMA-5100 Series Radar


The JRC JMA-5100 series of radars uses a four-component configuration to provide users with varied viewing options for a variety of displays. The radars' four components - keyboard, antenna, processor and display - work together to provide features such as north-up/head-up/course-up display, target expansion and trail time, and automatic or manual sea- and rain-clutter suppression, receiver tuning and interference rejection. Models range from the 4kW JMA-5104, with a 2' radome and 48-nautical-mile range, to the 6kW JMA -5110 with a 6' open-array antenna and 72-nautical-mile range. Options include a 10.4" color display and Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (MARPA), which tracks other vessels, displaying their course and speed. JRC America, Seattle, WA; (206) 654-5644; www.jrcamerica.com.

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