ACR GyPSI Personal Locator Beacon


ACR Electronics has introduced the GyPSI 4006 MHz personal locator beacon, due to a recent ruling by the FCC that approved the sale and use of such beacons by pleasure boaters. Upon activation, the ACR GyPSI sends a signal to the COSPAS-SARSAT and GEOSAR satellite systems. Those systems then relay the unique identification signal to a ground station where it is routed to the appropriate mission control center and matched to the beacon owner's registered data. Connected to a GPS unit, the enhanced GyPSI gives position accuracy to within 0.57 miles. Without a connected GPS unit, position accuracy is 2.3 miles. The compact, lightweight GyPSI is waterproof and buoyant and works at -40 degrees celsius. The ACR GyPSI is powered by a five-year lithium battery and starts at $625. ACR Electronics, Fort Lauderdale, FL; (954) 981-3333;

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