ACR Distres S.O.S. Signal

The DistresS.O.S. is anon-flammable, safe, buoyant, battery-powered night visual distresssignal that flashes the Morse Code distress signal S.O.S. Theunit has over 50,000 candelas of light intensity even after sixhours of continuous use, and is visible from over 22 nauticalmiles at sea level. The DistresS.O.S. runs for over six hours on four D-size alkaline batteries and can be turned off and on at will. It comes witha protective storage sack that can also be packed with a USCG-compliantdistress flag or orange smoke to create a complete distress-signalpackage. ACR Electronics, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; (954) 981-3333;