Scientific Anglers Saltwater Tippet Management System

The specialized hub from Scientific Anglers allows tippet material to be dispensed easily.

Some of the best ideas are the most simple. Scientific Anglers' new tippet management system proves this. The spools have a freewheeling center hub that can be used in two separate profiles. When the hub is retracted (snapped down), it becomes narrower. When the center hub is popped up, it can be snapped to another spool. The specialized hub allows tippet material to be dispensed very easily. Also, anglers can say goodbye to digging around to find nippers to cut leader ma-terial because all of the new spools have a built-in cutter. The material of the spools has been enhanced with ultraviolet protection to shield the monofilament or fluorocarbon inside. $4.99 saltwater tippet, $17.50 fluorocarbon;