St. Croix Legend Elite

St. Croix is turning heads again...

St. Croix Saltwater Rods_03

St. Croix Saltwater Rods_03

One of the industry's biggest names in moderately priced flyrods, St. Croix, is turning heads again - this time with its newhigh-performance Legend Elite series. While the new series runs abit pricier than its best-selling Legend Ultras, St. Croix's Eliterods incorporate the company's latest technology to make afast-action rod that casts smoothly at any distance.

The Legend Elite blanks are engineered using St. Croix'sproprietary Integrated Poly Curve Technology (IPC), which allowsthe designers to create continuous curve tapers, avoiding the weakspots found at the junction points of traditional straight-linetapered blanks. The blanks are rolled with SC graphite, St. Croix'smost advanced, high-strain graphite with a 100-percent carbon-mattescrim, for maximum weight reduction and sensitivity. St. Croix alsoemploys a proprietary technology to strengthen the lower sectionsof the blanks and bolster stiffness and hoop strength. This allowsfor a thinner overall diameter and increased durability whilemaintaining the muscle needed to make longer casts and fight fish.Finally, St. Croix uses a unique reinforcing material to engineerlightweight, slim-profile ferrules. This reduces abrupt taperchanges and flat spots caused by additional wraps of reinforcinggraphite.

The new Legend Elite saltwater rods come with REC hard-anodizedaluminum reel seats and feature Fuji SiC stripper guides withtitanium-plated frames, titanium-plated snake guides and flor-gradecork grips. Models up to 10-weight and four- and five-pieceversions are available. They retail for $500 to $570. For moreinformation, call 800-826-7042 or visit