Benchmade 5 Rescue Hook

Stay safe when things go wrong



Reaching out and taking hold of the leader when there's a giant marlin on the other end represents one of the most thrilling aspects of big-game fishing. But just like almost all thrills, the rush comes with a price - one mistake, and you could find yourself tied up to an angry fish with tremendous strength that outweighs you by several hundred pounds. How's that for fun? You don't hear many mates shouting "weeee" as they go overboard. The folks at Benchmade recently developed a cutting tool able to free you from any tangled leaders, the 5 Rescue Hook.

Constructed of 440 C, hardened stainless steel, the 5 Rescue Hook is built to last in any environment. At the slicing end, a shrouded, scalpel-sharp edge provides rapid cutting. The tool fits neatly in your hand, and the finger ridges along the back edge ensure a good grip. The finger hole in the middle doubles as a bottle opener. The 5 Rescue Hook comes in a wide variety of sheaths, including ones with a quick-release Velcro fastener.

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