Pelagic Lure Bag

The bags can accommodate even the largest trolling lures and skirts...

Trying to tame a tangled mess of lures and leaders almost always turns into a nightmare. Large plastic bins filled with lures and skirts means you'll never find the one lure you're looking for. When you do find that particular lure, it might be a five-minute fight to retrieve it from the snarl. Pelagic, known for its innovative clothing, recently introduced a lure bag to help keep you fishing instead of spending all your time searching for, and unraveling, gear.

The bags measure 17 inches wide, so they can accommodate even the largest trolling lures and skirts. Pelagic lines the interior with five lure pockets and one divided section that you can use to store smaller lures or terminal tackle. A heavy-duty hook-and-loop closure keeps all of your gear in place, and the brightly colored Pelagic logo lets everyone know where your true passions lie.

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