Old Harbor Outfitters Hydro Performance Shirt

The shirt kicks off the 2007 line of tournament apparel.



While new technologies, materials and innovations continue to revolutionize the sport of big-game fishing and the tools we use to play the game, tackle, boats and electronics aren't the only equipment that benefits from the advances. It might seem a bit odd for those of us who fish in a pair of shorts and nothing else, but outdoor clothing experienced a boon in high-tech materials in recent years as well. Old Harbor Outfitters introduced a new line of advanced sport-fishing apparel with the release of their Hydro Performance shirt.

The new shirt kicks off the 2007 launch of Old Harbor's Tournament series of apparel aimed at the recreational angler. These shirts combine anti-microbial, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-protected and quick-dry materials to create a high-tech fabric specifically designed for the needs of active fishermen. The Hydro Performance shirt, named after Hydrographers Canyon off Massachusetts, comes in short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions in both navy and white.

For more information, contact Old Harbor Outfitters at 866-374-4660 or visit www.oldharboroutfitters.com.