Diablo Paddlesports Hybrid Boat

The craft is offered in two models - the 12 1/2-foot Adios and the 10½-foot Chupacabra...


Diablo Paddlesports is offering fly-anglers a versatile boat from which they can stand, sit, paddle or pole. A hybrid of a paddle board and a kayak, the craft is offered in two models - the 12½-foot Adios and the 10½-foot Chupacabra. Both boats offer a tri-hull design and a 36-inch beam, which provides great stability, even for large anglers. With a lightweight design (the Adios weighs only 69 pounds), the boats feature a simple flat deck, traction padding in the cockpit, paddle holders, wet and dry storage and a leash to assist in standing. MSRP is $1,600 (Adios) and $1,350 (Chupacabra). www.diablopaddlesports.com